Where to buy mosquito repellent bracelet?





In the Maky Outdoors workshop, we have developed a personal shield for you against annoying biting insects – a stylish bracelet.

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Great design! Waterproof!
Wearing comfort is guaranteed by quality materials and the use of velcro for attachment of the bracelet, so you don´t need to be concerned about selecting the correct size. Using the velcro, you can easily fasten the bracelet onto your body or backpack. Thanks to this feature, the bracelet can be worn by children as well as adults.

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No spray & DEET-free, 100% natural and eco-friendly!
The ability to repel mosquitoes is guaranteed by a citronella-scented pellet, produced from purely natural substances and inserted in the bracelet. No sharp smell and no toxic substances. This means that the bracelet can also be worn by children and persons with sensitive skin.

Free 60-day protection included! One pellet will repel mosquitoes for up to 15 days. Another four complimentary pellets are included in the package, so you will be protected for up to 60 days. And when the effect of the pellet has dissipated, simply remove the old pellet and insert a new one. The shelf life of a packaged pellet is 3 years.

Enjoy the freedom. Anywhere, anytime.

Enjoy undisturbed trips to the outdoors, fishing, hunting or camping with your friends, or simply some relaxing time in your backyard, without annoying mosquitoes … with Maky bracelets.