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Where to buy hammock?


Maky´s hammock was born from our love of adventure and our enjoyment of nature.

Our hammock is made of extremely strong and ultra light parachute nylon. For maximum strength, it has triple-stitched seams in all essential areas. Its dimensions of 10´5´´ x 6´6´´ provide users with amazing comfort. The hammock´s main advantages include a light weight and space-saving design. When packed, it is no bigger than a 0.75-liter bottle of wine, and its weight is as low as 2.5 lbs.

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The hammock is very eco-friendly, and does not leave any traces of its use. We know from experience that it is not easy to tie the right knot at the right distance from the tree. Moreover, conventional ropes stretch, so you must install a hammock several times before you get it in the correct position. That is why our hammocks have only straps (not ropes), which do not cause damage to bark like ropes do, and leave no traces on the tree. Furthermore, you can hang your hammock within a short time. Strap adjustment is extremely quick and easy. You don´t need to tie complex knots and then struggle to untie them. You simply wind the straps included in the package around the tree and thread them through the loop. Then, fit the snap hook with the hammock in one of the 15 loops at the other end of the strap. That´s all there is to it.

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The strap is 10ft long, which is a sufficient length for hanging. These straps, with snap hooks and a net, are included in the package. Instructions for easy assembly and recommended use are also included.

All-in-one! – The package contains all items required for quick assembly within a few minutes, or even seconds.

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Contents of the package you purchase:

  • Hammock made of ultra light parachute nylon. The hammock´s dimensions of 10´5´´ x 6´6´´ provide amazing comfort for one or two persons. (load capacity 450 lbs)
  • Tree straps are free! – Incredibly quick and easy to hang using 2 tree straps (10’x 1´ each)
  • Two snap hooks.
  • Instructions.
  • All items are packed in an integrated bag, 26×22 cm, with total package weight as 2.5 lbs