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What material is the hammock made of?

Breathable parachute nylon, more precisely Nylon 210T.

What are the weight limit and dimensions of the hammock?

The hammock can hold up to 450 lbs, and its dimensions are 10´5″ in length and 6´6″ in width.

Do I have to buy any additional items, or are all items needed for hanging the hammock included in the package?

Everything is included in the package (hammock, straps, snap hooks). You don´t need to buy anything.

How long are the straps, and how much weight can they hold?

The straps are 9´10″ in length, and they hold up to 450 lbs.

Is the hammock waterproof?

No, but it dries quickly.

Can I buy the hammock without straps, and vice versa?

No. Currently, you can only buy the whole package.

Where can I hang my hammock?

You can hang your hammock at any place where there are two opposite fixed points (trees, poles, railing …) with a minimum distance of 14´ between them.

Is the hammock difficult to use?

It is extremely simple to use. For instance, find two trees (the distance between them being roughly 14´). Take two straps from the attached bag, embrace the tree and fit the snap hook of the hammock into the loop on the strap. Do the same on the opposite side. Your hammock is ready.

Can the hammock be washed in a washing machine?

We recommend washing by hand. Don´t use aggressive laundry detergent. Preferably wash in lukewarm water. In order to guarantee the maximum service life of your hammock, you should not wash it in a washing machine.


Mosquito Repellent Bracelet

Where to buy?


How many bands are included?

There are 4 STRONG smelling bands in each resealable package.

Can you seal up the repellent when you’re not using it to save usage? Or is it once it’s open, it only lasts 15 days?

I have wrapped it tightly with plastic wrap and it seemed to keep ok a few weeks later. As long as it isn’t fully exposed to open air. Otherwise I order refills. They’re cheap

How long can I change to new wristband? How long can I change to new wristband?

No need to change, just refill them.

Are they water and/or sweat resistent?